Road in a 100 Words

This week’s 100-Word Challenge inspiration is “road.” I have found in my writings, both poetic and pedestrian, that I operate in a certain set of symbols. I suppose every writer does this based on things they have experienced, things they love, things they fear. I am no different, for who can claim such a title? My symbols, my motifs, they’re things of power for me. Rain, fire, breath, and yes, roads. I weep and I burn and I exhale and I drive and I search for some steady pathway in a world where there are often few.

So, this challenge could have gone many directions for me (ha, road puns). In my head, I started different responses about four times. Is a road a journey? Is it burning asphalt against the bottoms of my feet? Is it the plethora of road trips that populate memories with my mother? Well, it’s all of those things. And of course, it’s none of them too.

Long story short, this is what I landed on…


That’s the first one I really remember. Or perhaps not so much remember, but feel connected to. Life was created and life was taken away. I grew three inches in three years and irrevocably lost a piece of my soul.
That’s the most recent. It was quite the change of scenery. And what a wild ride it hosted. Friends, parties, accomplishments, heartbreaks – infinite chances to discover who I was and will be.
That’s… hard to say. 5 full-time years. 4 part-time years. Years riddled with fights, forgiveness, and endless laughs. Turn down that road… and I’m home.


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2 thoughts on “Road in a 100 Words

  1. I really like this. I guess I’ve never thought about the memories, emotions, significances I attach to the roads I most travel. Now, you have me thinking…


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